Last Night: OFF! & Negative Approach at Warehouse Live

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Headliners OFF! had their work cut out for them following NA, but luckily the group had a ringer on the team. Ex-Black Flag and Circle Jerks front man Keith Morris is a stone-cold natural onstage, even as he creeps toward 60. In truth, Morris is merely the lead ringer in a band full of them. Energy exploded out of guitarist Dimitri Coats as he riffed out that Ginn-esque guitar tone that pairs so well with Morris' screech.

For OFF!, performing is a decidedly more joyful experience than it is for Negative Approach. Bassist Steven Shane McDonald banged his head ecstatically with a huge grin plastered on his face as the band tore into multiple suites of short, frenetic hardcore tunes.

Things did turn serious for a minute, however, as Morris introduced the song "Jeffrey Lee Pierce," a eulogy for his close friend and the guitarist for '80s punks the Gun Club. It's not often that a hardcore show turns poignant, but on Thursday night it happened, if only briefly.

In between blasts of incredible rock and roll volume, Morris shared tales of The Church, the illicit practice space/commune shared by Black Flag and other musicians and scenesters at the tail end of the '70s. He even made a point to remind all in attendance to rock the vote come November.

"If you're old enough to vote and you don't vote, then you don't get to complain about all of the bad things happening," he said.

A few of the more apolitical meatheads in the audience grumbled at the sermon, but Morris shrugged them off easily.

"I'm gonna talk because I've earned the right to talk," he said. That drew a big cheer.

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Bill Fool
Bill Fool

Craig you should check out Brannon and Richardson's other band "Easy Action" asap. They are amazing. I recommend the song Friends of Rock and Roll as a starter. Also, Richardson always plays with his back to the crowd. I believe he is the trend starter on that one.

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