Say No to Cee Lo: 5 Musicians Who Should Get Sitcoms Instead

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1. Randy Travis
randymug sept 18.jpg
OK, we here at Rocks Off poke a lot of fun at the guy for his recent personal problems. We even laid out five possible futures for the country star that didn't include a sitcom. But when you really think about it, he stands for all the traditional values that sitcom dads should stand for. He enjoys a good beer or ten, he stands up for his spouse no matter what the cost, he has strong Christian values, he's not afraid to speak his mind, he seems, let's say, confused by the way modern society expects him to behave, and, best of all, he's recently bitterly divorced.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Randy Travis as a single dad, trying to re-enter the dating world while balancing his time with his daughter and his time at the bar with the boys. Somehow at the end of every episode he ends up naked in a convenience store demanding cigarettes. Oh, that lovable Randy!

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