Friday Night: Morgan Page at Stereo Live

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Photography was not approved for Morgan Page's performance Friday -- ed.
Morgan Page
Stereo Live
August 31, 2012

Rewind: Morgan Page: On The Road, In The Air, and Going Green

Morgan Page may not be the world's most famous DJ, but that doesn't mean he isn't a name within the community. The loudest cheer all Friday night happened when he stepped on the stage to start setting up his gear. He hadn't played a note of music and the crowd was already roaring in appreciation.

Whether they were there for a journey or just looking for a rowdy start to the holiday weekend, they were ready to get going.

And when the first thing they heard from the speakers was a female voice singing "Giddy up and go," they knew they were going to get exactly what they wanted.

You can't really know a DJ until you've seen them in person. You might be able to listen to their records or work out to their podcasts, but it isn't until you see them in the context of having to read a crowd that you can get a handle on whether or not they're any good.

One of the things that didn't make it in to the final version of the interview Page did with Rocks Off was his response to a question I asked about if and when he knew that he had learned to read a crowd. He gave me a detailed response, but the short version was that he didn't know if he had mastered that skill yet and that his goal is to get better every year.

Judging by the way to the crowd responded to the peaks and valleys of his set you'd be inclined to say that Page has the skill down, which leads me to think that one of two things are true: a) Page and the crowd were more in sync than normal or b) he's humble when being interviewed.

Some underwhelming champagne showers aside, Page was on point for the set, the crowd responding best to the remixes of his original tracks like "The Longest Road". Falling in love with an EDM song that's been out for a few years can be weird; by the time you see the DJ live there's a good chance he's stopped playing the original version of the track.

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