Morbid Email Subject Heading of the Week: "George Jones Alive and Touring Through the Fall"

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Photo by Lisa Rosato
A live Possum onstage in April 2011 at Arena Theatre
Look, Rocks Off is a countrycentric place. We love our classic country and good modern country like no one's business, and we have driven miles and miles to see some of our heroes. When country legend George Jones has taken ill these past few years, our hearts have all skipped a beat. We know that when the Possum finally hits the pearly gates upstairs we will be in mourning for a good while.

Mr. Jones is actually playing -- live -- this coming Saturday night at the Arena Theatre, and has a date in Winnie at Nutty Jerry's lined up on November 23 with Hayes Carll and Folk Family Revival.

Leave it a PR email to remind us that Jones is alive with the email heading "George Jones Alive and Touring Through the Fall." They could have left it at "George Jones Touring Through the Fall," because it's not like I would have questioned Jones playing shows. But it's cool that his being alive is PR-worthy news.

Most PR flacks will tell you that reminding your audience that your client is breathing air on his or her own and able to perform onstage with reasonable ease is job one.

"Rihanna Alive and Recording a New Album" doesn't seem right. An artists being alive and on tour is a given. Hopefully.

I know that Jones is sick from time to time -- it comes with his age -- and we are all lucky to have him still kicking onstage. Houston's own Robert Ellis, a Jones fan of the highest order, has even shared the stage with him in the past year.

The title of this video is heartbreaking.

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Gotta disagree with the "he was great last time" comment. It was painful to watch him try to hit the old notes. And his timing is just not there anymore. Sad, but true.

Creg Lovett
Creg Lovett

He was great last time. He was sick though. He made it to the last song and started coughing and sneezing and blowing his nose. He walked off the stage halfway thru "I don't need your rocking chair". Irony.

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