#MadeInAmerica: The Rain, Restrictions & Randomness of Day 2

The Return of Run-DMC
Both of Jam Master's sons were on hand for an extended DJ break, which included a dubstep mix of their father's famous tracks. "I know you're watching Jay, I brought your kids out there," said Rev as he pointed the mike towards the sky.

Drake was next to hit the main stage, bringing a live band with him to accompany his rap chart-toppers. He started with "Lord Knows" and looked fresh in his October's Very Own jacket and white ensemble. The YMCMB rapper said he was honored to open up for Pearl Jam.

"If I ever had to be an opener for someone, I'm glad it is for one of the most legendary bands ever!" he proclaimed. He continued with "Crew Love" and "I'm On One" before bringing out rapper 2Chainz, causing the crowd to erupt once again.

Drake wearing white before Labor Day.
The ATL rapper performed "No Lie" and "Spent It." Drake ended with crowd favorite "The Motto," the origin of the "YOLO" slogan popular with kids these days.

No professional photography was allowed in the pit or from the crowd for L.A.-based rap crew Odd Future, and crooner Frank Ocean was not there either. Earl Sweatshirt did join Tyler, The Creator onstage with the rest of the Wolf Gang, causing a raging mosh pit in front of the scene.

As we were working in the media area, a crew lead by director Ron Howard passed by, following power couple Jay-Z and wife Beyonce. Photographers scrambled to grab their cameras and run to the pack, dodging security and puddles of water along the way. "Beyonce, what do you think about the festival?" ask a reporter as she walked by.

"I'm having a lot of fun!" she replied.

And in the end, that was the whole point.

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