Last Night: Fiona Apple at Bayou Music Center

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Photos by Craig Hlavaty
Fiona Apple
Bayou Music Center
September 21, 2012

The arrival of Apple's tour bus at Bayou Music Center Friday was a soothing sight to fans, as many feared the beloved musician wouldn't make it out of jail in time for her scheduled show.

Rewind: Fiona Apple Arrested In West Texas For Hash Possession (UPDATED)

Apple was arrested in the West Texas border town of Sierra Blanca on Wednesday, after small amounts of marijuana and hash were discovered on her tour bus by drug-sniffing dogs at a border control checkpoint.

Lucky for us, Apple was released Thursday on $10,000 bond, leaving her time to make it to Houston after all.

We didn't have to wait long for Apple to acknowledge the arrest.

But those hoping for a lucid account of the incident were out of luck, as Apple instead used her platform to communicate a personal vendetta of sorts, against four people who evidently mistreated her during her overnight imprisonment at Hudspeth County Jail.

VIDEO: Fiona Apple Explains Her Drug Arrest During Show

"I just want to get this out in the open," she said, as the crowd cheered wildly in knowing support. "The guy who runs that jail is a good guy... I want to apologize to him for being attitude-y."

"Most people there were very nice to me," she continued. "But the four of you... I want you to know I know everything you did," she cryptically warned. "I wrote it all down, as you stupidly thought I couldn't see or hear you."

"I will fucking make you a celebrity," she quipped, providing zero details. "Until then, stay in your fucking cell."

Your guesses are as good as ours as to whom or what Apple was referring to.

Suddenly, strobe lights furiously flashed as Apple ended her tirade, and swiftly launched into opener, When the Pawn...'s "Fast as You Can."

The first portion of Apple's set catered to her earlier material, including "On the Bound," "Paper Bag," and the tune that first put her on the map, 1996 single "Shadowboxer."

Apple appeared totally waif-like, clad in a striped maxi-dress with tattered tights underneath.

For a musician who's made a name for herself thanks in large part to her piano playing, she didn't play very much of it. Instead, she stood, singing and dancing her trademark jerky jolt.

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Bayou Music Center

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@groovehouse @houstonpress Can't believe she didn't play criminal, I bet some ppl went just for that song.


@groovehouse What up with the Rise Against Gaslight Anthem pics???? #InquiringMindsNeedToKnow


awwww she matched her outfit to the prison jumpsuit...

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah topcommenter

keep us posted if you figure out who the 4 people are


@Buxtonband Read this. I don't understand why they cherry picked quotes when they could've used the full statement... And, no video.


I've heard acts comment on the chatting by the audience, stop a song because of it, and get downright angry about it. I can't help but wonder if this is something unique to Houston.


Nice review.  I would add that her band was excellent and her voice was strong and crystal clear. I wanted a whiskey neat when she was singing "I Know" and a Lone Star during the Conway Twitty song. As anyone who was in the audience would be, I am biased, but she was incredible.


@richhumofair Video wasn't on YouTube when Neph's review went up this AM. I added a link in the blog of her drug bust monologue.

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