Here's the Screwed Up Click Take on ZZ Top's "25 Lighters" Cover

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Photo by Ariel Santschi/ Courtesy of Lil' Randy
Lil' Randy Mixing in NYC
Rocks Off is a huge fan of DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click. We also love and adore ZZ Top. So when ZZ reimagined the DJ DMD classic "25 Lighters" as "I Gotsta Get Paid" for their new record La Futura, we had to reach out to the DJ Screw protégé, the great DJ Lil' Randy SUC, for comment.


ZZ Top Sucks. There, I Said It.

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Rocks Off: ZZ Top just released a cover of DJ DMD's song "25 Lighters". What do you think of their version of the song?

Lil' Randy: I think the song is a big compliment to rap/hip-hop in the South. Rap is always using other genres of music so for a rock and roll group as big as ZZ Top to use a song from a Southern artist is a big compliment.

I know who ZZ Top is and I like a song or two by them. I can't really say there is anything I like about their version of the song. I just think it is good for music. I can say I never would have thought when DJ DMD made the song that 15 years later ZZ Top would make a rock and roll song out of it. WOW!

RO: I assume you've done your own Screwed versions of "25 Lighters."

LR: Of course I have! Hahaha. I slowed down "Gotsta Get Paid" by ZZ Top. I actually mixed the two songs together for DMD when he first gave the record to me. I'm thinking of doing a mix to show how far the phrase "25 Lighters" has gone. Where it started from to where it is now.

RO: When DMD gave which records to you? I think I speak for 47 percent of Houston when I say I've got no idea what the phrase "25 lighters" means.

LR: Ha! DMD gave me the ZZ Top record about six or seven months ago. It doesn't have a secret meaning; it comes from an 8Ball and MJG song where MJG says "I've got 25 lighters on my dresser, yes sir."

RO: Yeah, I know. What the heck is it about?

LR: Just a catchy phrase.

RO: So you do not know why he's got so many lighters on his dresser? My brother says it's because he's been partying too much and comes home with somebody else's lighter every night. Which would explain why he's in such a hurry to get paid.

LR: Is he serious?

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25 lighters This is where drug dealers take the cheap, plastic Bic lighters and take them apart. Wash them out and rig them to put crack and coke in them. They would fill them up and sell them individually like you would do in baggies, only when you're holding a lighter it looks less suspicious than holding a bag or vile. They would just pass them off, hand to hand
or someone would ask to borrow a lighter. Hence 25 lighters means someone's got 25 viles to sell, hence the "Got's to get paid" part. John: Man, that my jam. DJ DMD, Fat Pat and Lil Keke all went hard on "25 lighters". That shit is a dirty south classic!

Xav: Damn right shawty, "25 lighters on my dresser, yes sir, I got to get paid".


someone please tell this fool what 25 lighters means

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