The Prettiest Grandfather Child Footage You Will Ever See

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Rewind: Friday Night: Grandfather Child, the Suffers, etc. at Fitzgerald's

Brett Whitcomb and Bradford Thomason, known together as Window Pictures, have made a performance clip with Houston favorites Grandfather Child to help promote the group's brand-new self-titled release.

This past Friday the band played a silky set at Fitzgerald's for the release of the album, which I covered in full with a little help from the Gorham family.

Grandfather Child: Edythe Bates Old Chapel is weapons-grade beauty, from the holy location to the tracking shots, the lighting the music (natch), and also features bassist Robert Ellis. The band sounds actually better inside a church. I only want to see Grandfather Child play in churches from now on.

"We went an hour and a half north of town to the Round Top Festival Institute," says GFC drummer Ryan Chavez in an email. "On the grounds are a few performance spaces, each with their own brilliant characteristics and aesthetic features," .

"The Edythe Bates Old Chapel seemed the most appropriate for us right now and we recorded three songs from the album with our life guru Steve Christensen providing a mobile studio and quality vibes," he adds.

The 16-minute clip is basically the best EPK that a band could ask for. Plus I have never seen people I know lit so dramatically and pleasingly.

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@SheaSerrano yeah man Grandfather Child is awesome, fucking awesome


Wow..... This is pretty damn amazing. 

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