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A little while back, I was tasked with defining the seven ages of goth. Basically, the goal was to go from the birth of the genre to its modern forms and incarnations based on the years which each of those subgenres were at their height. It was a fair bit of writing that pleased pretty much no one because goths are happiest when they're pointing out how much more they know about goth than you, but there was always one huge, glaring omission to the article that I couldn't hide: Nick Cave.

The man, whom as I've pointed out is awesomely insane, defies all attempts to nail him into a box. It's not just that you have to deal with the fact that he's fronted three iconic bands with three totally distinct sounds in addition to his solo work, it's that even within those bands he has never, ever fit in with a defined period of gothic evolution.

Yet, there is absolutely no doubt that Cave is one of the highest-credentialed goths around. He's an anomaly, woven inside a movement without directly affecting or being affected by that movement.

I had given up attempting to categorize the man on my own, and decided it was time to have the Gothic Council rule on Mr. Cave's rightful place in the gothic world. Joining me this week is living historian Morrighanne Burns, Hex of the deathrock act Culture Decay, Church of Melkarth's Jvstin Whitney, DJs Regen Robinson and Martin Oldgoth, blogger Drusilla Grey, and Carmilla Voiez, author of Starblood.

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Morrighanne Burns: He's a morbid cowboy with the heart of a lion and the soul of Oscar Wilde. I have never been a huge uberfan of Cave's music, but from reading his novels and watching films based on his screenplays I have come to appreciate him more as I have aged.

Hex: He's a post punk icon with a quick temper, a strange fascination with the Deep South and gave birth to the name of a very famous song that inspired a very well known deathrock night.

Jvstin Whitney: Pussy.

Rocks Off: I'm sorry?

Jvstin Whitney: I shouldn't need to elaborate. He's a weepy crybaby that no one with measurable amounts of testosterone should want to ever listen to. I remember an ex-girlfriend who made me listen to his garbage all the time and I was all, "You're probably always depressed because you listen to this pussyfest all day. "TURN UP THE FUNKER VOGT AND DANCE FOR FUCK'S SAKE."

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I would say this... Nick Cave slept with PJ Harvey. That alone makes him cooler than just about everything and easily trumps the boundaries of tired cliche.


What defines a Goth? Like this Church of Melkarth' he a Goth? I thought being in a shitty death metal band would automatically disqualify ones Goth Status?

 Suffice to say even Cave's shittiest album _______________.(depending on what you like about Cave there will be at least 1 album that you can insert in the space above... but I digress...even Cave's worst album is better than your whole genre.

 When you called him a pussy you left out something...Magnet...PUSSY MAGNET... it's known fact...when talking to Goth girls , and the topic is music , name drop Cave (after not before Peter Murphy { Robert Smith before Murphy })  it's a panty dropper .


ps. your band sucks in ways that can not be defined. and you smell bad (like for real)..


I guess you're trying to white knight because you're currently the one between my ex girl's legs.  Get tested for Herpes bro.


@ericdeansometimes You are not a goth nor even a decent human if that's how you talk about the magnificent species that is the women of goth. We'd sooner kick you down with our big black boots than hop in the sack with some cocky name dropper. It's great that you appreciate Nick Cave's music. Now perhaps you should start working on appreciating woman as more than something you fuck.



Heavy metal music is for fat people. Nick Cave a pussy? Have you ever even listened to The Birthday Party?? Go listen to "Hamlet (Pow! Pow! Pow!)" or "Six-Inch Gold Blade"... And Funker Vogt? Since when is generic trance music with some asshole trying to be David Bowie over it considered "goth music"? It's futurepop crap like Funker Vogt that makes me avoid today's "goths" like the plague.


@drusilla.grey At least he isn't bashing a genius, denying his place in history just because he's held a grudge ever since some girl broke his lil' metalhead heart... J.Whitney's ramblings on testosterone and such were far more offensive than anything this guy said.

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