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Believe it or now, some fall air snuck down here and actually managed to weaken Pappy Sun's murderous death grip on Houston. It was nice to walk the dog without feeling as if I lived in the crotch of a Bulgarian shot putter warming up for the hurl.

Plus, in every store the Halloween decorations are up! Skull glasses, snow globes with haunted houses, and highly inappropriate Rainbow Brite costumes festoon your capitalist institution of choice.

So with the gothic holy month of October looming, I summoned the Gothic Council to ask them about their favorite Halloween tunes. Joining us this week is the author of Starblood, Carmilla Voiez, artist Jez Smith of Studio 777; fashion designer Batty; artist Ugly Shyla; Hex of the deathrock band Cultured Decay; DJs Regen Robinson and Martin Oldgoth; Niki Marshal of the Braggart Family Side Circus; the Church of Melkarth's Jvstin Whitney; and Encyclopedia Gothica author Liisa Ladouceur.

Carmilla Voiez: I think for me it would have to be "Everyday is Halloween" by Ministry. Halloween feels like the time when everyone thinks it's acceptable to embrace their dark side. For me it's a full-time job.

Jez Smith: I'd have to second the Ministry pick. I still remember when it first came out - it was mind-blowing to hear something that very distinctly spoke from my perspective about the kind of crap I was getting for looking and seeing the world the way I did.

To know for certain that there were others out there receiving the same treatment who decided to stand up against it and felt strongly enough to write a song about it (a very danceable song, no less) was incredibly empowering at the time.

Batty: Mine is probably "Scarecrow" by Siouxsie and the Banshees, or anything off the album Peepshow. I first heard that album in the fall of my sophomore year in high school and I remembering it fitting the Halloween season's mood perfectly.

It has that lovely "cold, bright, magical" feel that I feel in the air during Halloween. Lastly it's called "Scarecrow" which evokes Halloween imagery to me, and the lyrics have that wonderful spooky haunted vibe.

Ugly Shyla: "Halloween" by the Misfits. I loves me some Danzig. I plan on carving a pumpkin with the Danzig symbol for my front steps.

Hex: I'd have to say "To Walk The Night" by Samhain. It's such a great slow-moving track with that great build up at the end that just makes me want to get decked out in my best zombie make up with friends and get into all kinds of mischief plus its not one of the usual Halloween tracks so it stands out more.

Regen Robinson: When I was younger my family embraced my music collection this one day of the year. Without really asking permission my family would get into my CD collection and use it as part of their Halloween decorations. I would come home from work and the strobe lights and fog machines would be on and the neighborhood children would be trick or treating to the spooky sounds of Project Pitchfork or Blutengel.

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