Corb Lund's Bad Case of Cabin Fever

Above: Corb Lund gettin' down on the mountain.

It only takes one listen to any Corb Lund album to know the guy is witty and whip-smart. The salty Albertan who studied jazz in Edmonton before joining metal band the Smalls, also has a good sense of history and a strong respect for the land and people who work it, whether ranchers, farmers, or roughnecks on a drilling rig.

Lund's latest album on New West, Cabin Fever, hit the streets August 14 and has gotten rave reviews in Washington Post and other national publications. Meanwhile, it has raced up the charts to become the No. 1 record in Canada. No, not the No. 1 Americana record, the No. 1 record period.

Featuring a funny co-write with Hayes Carll and produced by Steve Christensen and John Evans, the album actually has plenty of Houston connections even though it was recorded in Edmonton.

With a huge number of Canadians residing in Houston due to their connection to the oil and gas business, Lund's Houston gigs may be the largest recurring gatherings of beer-guzzling Canucks in the area. He steps out of the Mucky Duck into the rowdier confines of the Firehouse Saloon for his first Houston gig in a while.

We caught up with him over the phone last week at the AMA convention in Nashville.

Rocks Off: You're in Nashville for the AMAs?

Corb Lund: Yeah, we've got one showcase, then we're back on the road immediately.

RO: Are you up for any awards this time around?

CL: No, we haven't had a record out in three years, so we aren't nominated for anything this time. Maybe next year. Maybe next year I can win the oldest new artist award. We' ve got seven records out, but we seem to keep getting viewed in a lot of different circles as something new.

RO: Well, the new record certainly seems to be doing well. Has it done better sales-wise than the previous New West releases?

CL: Definitely. It seems like our first two New West albums were just sort of like calling cards in the States. They didn't sell the way this one has.

RO: Being from the States, it's hard to fathom an album like yours being the top seller in Canada.

CL: I know, it's crazy, right? Justin Beiber is probably scratching his head.

RO: Why do you think that is? I mean, there's no way Hayes Carll's record could ever go to No. 1 in the mainstream charts here.

CL: We actually get some mainstream commercial airplay with certain songs, and that is a real boost as far as exposure. And, of course, the playing field is not nearly as big in Canada.

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Firehouse Saloon

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