4:50 a.m.: The 15 Best Fishing Songs We Could Find

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Rocks Off never thought we'd say this, but the country eye candy behind "Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer," Billy Currington, turned out to be pretty wise. He was smart enough to record the song "Bad Day of Fishin'" anyway, which contains the sage advice "a bad day of fishing beats a good day of anything else."

By that logic, a bad song about fishing beats a good song about anything else. That also turned out to be true. Meanwhile, the guy behind one of the best fishing songs we've heard in a while, Jason Allen's "Goin' Fishin' Today," played Blanco's this past Friday, but he'll be back.

But once Rocks Off cast out a line for worthwhile songs that put a hook in the water, it wasn't long before we were reeling 'em in. We stopped at 15, because you always have to throw a few back.

15. NOFX, "Stranger Than Fishin'": Whatever SoCal punk-rock feud NOFX and Bad Religion had going on about ten or 15 years ago, this song from 2000's Pump Up the Valium can't be a coincidence. Good for a chuckle or two.

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14. Kevin Fowler, "Beer, Bait & Ammo": More about the rowdy Texas country singer's angling outfitter of choice than fishing itself, but a man does need dirty books while he's waiting on a bite.

13. Craig Campbell, "Fish": Pardon the horrible pun, but Georgia hot-country newcomer Campbell is probably the last singer to make a splash on the charts with a fishing song when this cut from his debut album reached No. 23 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart last year. However, since Campbell rhymes "fish" with... "enough," we suspect he may be talking about something else entirely.

12. Mike Morazzini, "F-I-S-H-I-N-G": Meet the world's first rapping fisherman. Maybe not, but the Connecticut-based Morazzini has to be the most dedicated to both disciplines, and is no slouch as either a rapper or angler. Proof enough is on his album Angler Talk ("Big Fisherman," "Tyin' Rigs"), and these pictures on his Web site.

11. Darrell Scott, "Pay Lake": Darrell Scott, who wrote the Dixie Chicks' "Long Time Gone" and Tim McGraw's "Old Town New," is one of Nashville's top behind-the-scenes songwriters (and a favorite of our buddy Lonesome Onry and Mean), but he keeps the ones he really likes for himself. The hale and hearty "Pay Lake," from this past January's Long Ride Home, treats fishing as a contact sport.

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John White
John White

Primus - 'John the Fisherman'. ; ]


lovin spoonful also did "fishin blues"...


primus, "fish on", among others in their fishing laden catalog...


BR5-49 - "Me 'n' Opie (Down by the Duckpond)"

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