The Mink On Main Changing Hands Again, Closing For Renovations

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Photos By Craig Hlavaty
The Mink's popular back alley
According to an email I received late this morning from their management, The Mink is changing hands again and closing this Saturday night after last call for an unspecified span to allow for retooling and renovation. There was no clue on what the changes may entail or who the new owner or owners could be.

The email tries to soften the blow by evoking memories of the past.

"What this means for the public, the musicians and everyone who has loved The Mink over the many years of its existence is that we will all need to be patient while waiting for what is yet to come."

You may remember that it was just about a year ago that the popular bar a few doors down from The Continental Club underwent an ownership change that sent waves through the Houston indie scene.

Our Marc Brubaker talked to Mink vets at the time who were still sore from the growing pains in the days after the ownership shakeup.

There was some displacement that went with the changes to say the least. Locals that frequented the bar and played shows there regularly weren't too thrilled with the perceived changes and moved elsewhere.

In the meantime, the venue continued hosting live bands and DJs at a brisk clip and were offering wallet-friendly drink specials. I visited the bar a few months back and the new owners spoke excitedly about the future of the Mink. All along they had just wanted to keep the spirit of the Main Street haunt alive.

The venue is planning to load up entertainment for Friday and Saturday nights to end this chapter of the Mink in grand, loud style it seems.

"If you are a musician or booking agent who had a future show scheduled please contact us at this email address for further updates as they become available."

The last time around, many of the Mink shows got moved to Mango's and Fitzgerald's. The changes to the Mink also lead to a rebirth at Mango's which had suffered with the recharging of Fitz in the Heights.

"If your band is available for booking or you are a DJ looking for a gig and you are interested in being a part of Houston music history to play one of the last shows at The Mink please contact us. We will be filling the lineups for both nights right away."

Many people would say that the venue has been dead to them for over a year, but then again, a gig is a gig is a gig, right? Stay tuned for more info as it comes available.

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The Mink - CLOSED

3718 Main, Houston, TX

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The female owner and her barstaff were THE WORST bunch of mismanaged and discourteous a-holes ever! they ripped me off on a bar tab, then when called out, they threw the difference in price in my face over the bar!! I hope the new owners take heed of the missteps of the most recent former owneres, and finally do right by both the bar and its patrons--cool bar; wrong staff.




So....I have a few opening at Jet...most of my current events start at 10 or 11..


If you ever want to know how to run a place directly into the ground, see the Mink's last owners. 


 Between the bizarre coup-like take over, their idiotic social media presence and the fact no one I know set foot in there in the past year, it's a wonder it took this long.  


intentions are one thing. the way you treat local bands is another. they were full of shit and shady when it came to that.


they had zero interest in keeping a relationship with the scene.


Can't be much worse than the current crew.  I don't doubt that they had the best of intentions for the place and wanted to keep it alive but they didn't do the best job


Any word on the new owners? Will they draw the ire of regulars like these owners did?

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