10 Iconic Final Concerts Plus The End Of Beatlemania

1. Queen
Final Performance: August 9, 1986

Onstage, Queen's Freddie Mercury was Superman. The ultimate frontman, he was simply born to rock stadiums, and during the band's 1986 Magic Tour, Mercury was at the top of his game. More than one million fans bought tickets to the tour's 26 European dates, making it one of the largest rock tours in history.

The tour isn't remembered for its size, of course. Today, it's remembered as Queen's last tour with Mercury before he died of an AIDS-related illness in 1991. No one knew that would or even could happen one day soon at what turned out to be the original band's final concert at Knebworth Park, however. There, everything was still golden, with 120,000 fans witnessing the end of one of rock and roll's greatest live eras. Mercury himself managed to go out as true rock royalty, wearing a crown and cape during the show's encore.

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Actually, the Band's final performances together came after the taping of The Last Waltz when the five members reconvened in a studio a couple of weeks later and were recorded/filmed playing "The Weight" with the Staples Singers, "Evangeline" with Emmylou Harris, and their own "Last Waltz theme," all of which are included in the film. The story goes that some members felt that the concert itself did not reflect the country and gospel influences of the Band. Also, the other four members not named Robbie Robertson weren't too keen on breaking up in the first place.


no Grateful Dead??


 @RickyB I'm not a Deadhead myself, but I've read that the band's '95 shows weren't quite up to par in many fans' estimation. What do you think?

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