10 Iconic Final Concerts Plus The End Of Beatlemania

7. Nirvana
Final Performance: March 1, 1994

Another legendary rock musician that played his final gig in Germany was Kurt Cobain. Nirvana gave its final performance at Munich's Terminal 1, the city's former international airport, turned music venue. Cobain wasn't feeling well during this European tour, and his voice was ragged that night. The band didn't play "Smells Like Teen Spirit," but ended with "Heart Shaped Box" instead.

Three days later in Rome, Cobain attempted suicide by ingesting a combination of Rohypnol and alcohol. After an intervention, he agreed to go to rehab, but left the facility after only a week and flew back to Seattle. A month later, he succeeded in killing himself, ending Nirvana for good.

6. Tupac Shakur
Final Performance: July 4, 1996

Holograms aside, the real Tupac's final performance was given at the House of Blues Los Angeles on--what else?--Independence Day, 1996. The 24-song set showcased 'Pac's versatility, switching effortlessly from plaintive R&B to Thug-Life bangers. It also featured plethora of West-Coast guest stars, including K-Ci and JoJo, Outlawz, tha Dawg Pound, Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg Lion.

Comfortably ensconced in his LA stronghold, Tupac was at the very height of his powers during the show. Since virtually nothing that Tupac did in life has avoided having a barcode slapped on it by this point, fans can enjoy the rap icon's final performance on DVD and Blu-ray as Tupac: Live at the House of Blues.

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Actually, the Band's final performances together came after the taping of The Last Waltz when the five members reconvened in a studio a couple of weeks later and were recorded/filmed playing "The Weight" with the Staples Singers, "Evangeline" with Emmylou Harris, and their own "Last Waltz theme," all of which are included in the film. The story goes that some members felt that the concert itself did not reflect the country and gospel influences of the Band. Also, the other four members not named Robbie Robertson weren't too keen on breaking up in the first place.


no Grateful Dead??


 @RickyB I'm not a Deadhead myself, but I've read that the band's '95 shows weren't quite up to par in many fans' estimation. What do you think?

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