Shovels & Rope's Cary Ann Hearst On the Dying Record Industry & C.C. DeVille

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Tonight husband and wife country duo Shovels And Rope play McGonigel's Mucky Duck, a venue that as of late has become their main Houston stomping grounds when they aren't opening for their friend Hayes Carll in bigger venues.

The pair -- Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent -- just released their latest, O' Be Joyful, on Dualtone. The record is even getting attention from MTV's Hive, and it's no surprise. S&R's sound fits right into the folkcentric landscape ("throw suspenders on everything in sight") that is holding sway right now, but let it be known that Hearst and Trent were here first, and that they have their own misgivings about the state of the industry.

"The old record industry may be dead or is suffering a rattling epic slow painful death. Maybe it is already in rigor mortis but it's propped up Weekend at Bernie's style," says Hearst in an email from the road. She uses sometime touring mate Carll as a prime example for how one can be successful in such a turbulent business.

"He's successful, but he's still away from his family, still hauling ass from town to town, and what did he say in "Bad Liver and a Broken Heart"? 'In this life no one retires'," Hearst says.

"What was planted in the composting carcass of the old bidness is shaping up to be a fecund and verdant environment for music to grow and spread the way it did half a century ago. Touring and doing good business with folks that can help you along as you grunt it out through swells of success or ebbing popularity," she says.

"If a good band is willing to work at it and hang on until it works out, there's a way better chance now to expect to be a able to carve out a living singing for your supper then when things were more bloated."

Hearst and Trent wrote most of the new album on the road, between peddling their respective solo records and their first album. The songs were written, recorded, and even mixed by the time they gave it to Dualtone.

"Some of the songs were written in states of hysterical dementia, just ask any touring musician about Tour Madness. It's a squirelly feeling you get from sitting still while hauling ass down the highway for extended periods of time," says Hearst.

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McGonigel's Mucky Duck

2425 Norfolk, Houston, TX

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