Sex Expert Rachel Khona's Steamy Road-Sex Soundtrack

Nevermind the bushes, the parking garage, the vacant tollbooth, the Wendy's bathroom, the Walmart gardening center. I guess we've all been there, when the urge and vapors and blood flow gets to be so troublesome that we just gotta have sex in the car. It has to happen in the car. No exceptions.

That's where sex expert Rachel Khona comes in. She is a contributing editor for Vaga Magazine and has written for Cosmopolitan, Inked and Penthouse, among others. She is a noted sex expert -- check out her blog -- who has appeared on terrestrial and satellite radio, and made numerous other pop-culture cameos.

This past week she sent us a list of songs that she thinks would soundtrack the perfect sexual/vehicular encounter. (With another person, preferably. Not yourself or the car itself. Although...)

Not only that, she also sent along a few tips for getting down in your car, like not doing it within a five-mile radius of people -- you could get in trouble with the law -- unless you just like having people watch you. The glove compartment can store all the lube, napkins and condoms you need. Bring a towel so you can get on the ground, and if it rains, go with it.

"Don't attempt to perform oral sex on a major freeway," Khona adds. "Wait until you're on a deserted road where you're unlikely to cause any traffic accidents."

She sent us a total of ten songs, with explanation for each, and went into detail for all of them. I can't say I agree with the Kings of Leon or Bad Company choices, but the rest of this checks out.

10. "60 Feet Tall," Dead Weather

Rachel Khona: The bluesy, dirty, murky music of The Dead Weather is perfect for getting it on, and "60 Feet Tall" is no exception. In this song, Alison Mosshart croons about her addiction to her lover and being unable to let them go with a trashy intensity that sets the stage for a sexy encounter.

Not to mention she actually mentions going from Texas to Montreal, which suggests that perhaps she is on a road trip.

9. "Sex on Fire," Kings of Leon

RK: This one is a no-brainer. The word "sex" is in the title after all. Caleb Followill wails about a really hot sexual encounter in his trademark raspy voice. The music starts off slowly and then builds to the climax as he starts the chorus. Leading up to it, we get lines like "The head while I'm driving, I'm driving." Enough said.

8. "Feel Like Makin' Love," Bad Company

RK: Only Bad Company could make the phrase "makin' love" sound hot and not like a sentimental ballad refrain. Not only is this song super sexy, it's also kind of romantic. The pounding drums punctuating the chorus are just the icing on the cake.

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