The 10 Silliest Headlines In Rap News This Week

You are a human and you have eyeballs and you also have the Internet, so you've likely read some things. That's sort of what this is, except sort of not too.

We went through a ton of headlines of hip-hop "stories" from the past week, picked out the ten most egregious one, pasted them below, then added a bit to them. The big, bold stuff are the actual headlines, anything preceded with a ... is what should've been added to it.. You'll get the hang of it fairly quickly, for certain.

We're soundtracked this time by a gorgeous 2009 freestyle video from Lil' Keke. You know how that goes.


10. Eminem To Appear On Singer Pink's New Album, Truth About Love

...Accidentally Upends Every "Eminem Is the Greatest Rapper Alive" Argument

9. Charles Hamilton Announces "The Charles Hamilton Experience" Live at SOB's

...Nobody Excited, Not Even Charles Hamilton

8. Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Star In MTV Video Music Awards Promo

...God Sighs, Asks "Seriously, Mankind?"

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