Top 5 Musical Tributes to Doctor Who on YouTube

The new season of the indescribably awesome Doctor Who returns this month, with another year of the Eleventh Doctor, the departure of Amy and Rory, the return of the Daleks, a new companion and dinosaurs. With the 50th anniversary of the show looming, rumors abound about surprises to come, including the return of Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston as the Fourth and Ninth Doctors, respectively.

I've made no small show of the fact that the program has basically become my religion lately. If for some weird reason you haven't sampled the time-traveling epic, get yourself to Netflix immediately and prepare for the single greatest thing television has ever produced.

Simply put, no other experience has the ability to transport an audience like the Doctor can in his TARDIS.

One of the things that amazes me in this digital age, where I think we can all agree we are actually living in the future, is how YouTube has revolutionized the music video. Easy access to editing technology means anyone can wed a song and footage together to create something moving, powerful and in many cases better than anything official.

Is it really any different than lackluster videos meant to promote movie songs? I'm looking at you, Guns N' Roses' "You Could Be Mine."

In preparation of the return, here are the Top 5 tributes to the Doctor on YouTube.

One of the most fun things you can find on YouTube is the opening of TV shows done in the style of other TV-show openings. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. This reimagining of Who in the style of the classic Dallas intro, using one of Jerrold Immel's best-known scores, is definitely the former. It seems only appropriate since Dallas itself now has a successful revival.

As long as we're in a country mood after Dallas, here's one of Taylor Swift's best songs, apparently unreleased. I searched high and low, but I have no idea why this gem about unrecognized love from the self-titled album era isn't on iTunes or Amazon.

It's as appropriate as you can get to highlight the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones, who maintained a sadly unreciprocated crush on the Doctor as she traveled with him throughout the third series.

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