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Ben Sasso
I have a hard time adequately describing mewithoutYou's music... imagine if King Missile and early Butthole Surfers collaborated. Even then you'd be missing a lot of the nuances and brilliance. I caught up with drummer Richard Mazzotta to see what I could learn about the amazing percussionist in 30 seconds.

Seriously, he's now tied with Budgie as my favorite drummer. Cat is flipping sweet.

Rocks Off: What is worst song in the world?

Richard Mazzotta: It would be too easy to pick on Nickelback or Staind, so I am gonna go curve ball here, well, it's not that hard of a curve but "Celebrate" by Kool and the Gang. It is just too easy to be manufacturing this type of sentiment.

I understand it is helped get many parties and weddings started, but it does nothing for me. I would have to be at the most slamming block party, engaged in various types of unsavory activity, to really enjoy this, essentially not myself.

RO: What is the best lyric in the world?

RM: Impossible question. I ingest so much music, the idea of picking one favorite lyric is killing me right now. I am going to go super standard and easy on this because if I think about it too much, I won't be able to get it done.

If you want to talk about life motto's then "YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU OWN" from "Merchandise" by Fugazi. If you want my sappy lovey side, another favorite lyric would be, "and the horns that you will blow into the air, I can't recall though somehow never sound the same to me, I'd love to hear them coming from your mouth directly, but you never want to blow them just for me." It is by a band called Mazarin in a song called "Louise."

RO: Someone throws a beer bottle at you onstage. What do you do?

RM: I have had this happen before; it is not an enjoyable experience to say the least. Being the drummer, I get to see the whole stage and crowd, so spotting all types of activity is easy be it fighting, dope smoking, pure rockage, or couples breaking up, I see it all.

If I get hit with something, I would generally stop after the song, stand up, say that it wasn't cool to do that, and if the hate keeps flowing, just get one of those big old security guards to throw the dude out. I say dude because dudes usually engage in this type of activity, and in no way was I intentionally being gender specific.

We were in England opening for Coheed and Cambria, and this guy with a blue Mohawk kept yelling and spitting and throwing things. I got hit more than once; I just pointed him out, got him tossed, felt no remorse that he was going to miss his favorite band. Don't mess with our flow!

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