Last Night: Lindsey Buckingham at Fitzgerald's

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Photos by Jim Bricker
An Evening with Lindsey Buckingham
August 20, 2012

It was a packed house Monday night at Fitzgerald's when Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham took the stage, albeit this time with a very "small machine:" Himself. No bells or whistles, just him and mostly his guitar.

Buckingham began the evening with the beautiful "Cast Away Dreams" before launching into the newer Fleetwood Mac classic "Bleed To Love Her." Though the song was rather harmonious as is, I couldn't help but hum along in my head Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie's parts as heard on the original recording.

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Buckingham lamented about how his solo career is what he calls "the small machine" and Fleetwood Mac is "the big machine." Without the big machine, there would be no small machine.

But the true highlight of the evening was when he launched into "Big Love" from Fleetwood Mac's 1987 album Tango In the Night. He explained that the song is about getting rid of the unnecessary things in life -- hence the line "lookin' out for love" because, at the time of the song's recording, he wasn't wanting a lover in his life. Now, he's a married father of three.

One of the most interesting portions of the evening was when Buckingham launched into the instrumental "Stephanie," a track from the now out-of-print Buckingham Nicks album that he recorded with fellow Fleetwood Mac member (and then-girlfriend) Stevie Nicks shortly before joining the group. It sounded as good as the original recording, if not popped out more.

However, the greatest portion of the evening was devoted to Buckingham's equally great, but underrated, solo work, which definitely deserves more respect than it is given overall. Buckingham truly shines as a solo artist and is one heck of a guitar player.

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Mike Atala
Mike Atala

wish I could've made this show..."big love" is my favorite!

Creg Lovett
Creg Lovett

"I'm Alright" would have brought the roof down.


Great review - than you! We loved every second of the show - it was incredible (and we had high expectations!). Correct that his solo work is under-rated; truly an incredible talent.


I've been fortunate enough to see Fleetwood Mac several times including the early 80's and again in the late-90's. Though I absolutely loved those shows; I might have loved last night's Lindsey show even more. Very special to see him in such a small venue and he seemed to really dig it himself.

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