Our Questions For Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me" Video

Categories: WTF Island

Getting after that ass

  • Is Big Sean to Drake what Burger King is to McDonald's?

  • How did they magically transport into a Lana Del Rey video?

  • Remember Lana Del Rey? That was a fun month.

  • Do you think being fingered by Justin Bieber would be like Mac from Mac & Me touching you down there?

  • I bet when Justin Bieber has sex he keeps his under "draws" on so he smell you later. Thoughts? Hey! Where are you going??

  • Did he just go to Bieber Heaven? Did Daddy Madsen just kill him? Nothing that Madsen has done in his career beats this.

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what car are you driving in as long as you love me 

and what is your phone number

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