Prydz & Prejudice: Top 5 Remixes for Saturday's IDentity Festival

Saturday the IDentify Fest returns to town to once again take EDM out of the dark of the club and into the light of day. Your humble blog writer missed last year's show, so I'm curious to see how well glowsticks work during the daylight.

While this year may not feature big names like Pretty Lights and Steve Aoki, that doesn't mean the lineup isn't impressive. Top tier acts this year include the dupstep-loving guys in Nero, electro-house maestro Wolfgang Gartner, and 20-year-old Skrillex-affiliated complextro mastermind known as Porter Robinson (that's three drinks for those playing at home).

That said, the night really belongs to main-stage headliner Eric Prydz. All I really know about the guy is that he makes different variations of house music and he hates flying, so I hit Spotify a made a playlist of some of his remixes to get me up to speed. Check out the following tracks and read on as I overanalyze the list of things we're allowed to bring to the venue.

"Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)," Calvin Harris

While debating what I wanted to take with me to the show tomorrow I decided to hit up the official ID festival Web site and see if they had any insight on what was allowed. Being the nice people they are, they include a handy-dandy list of all things we can and cannot bring, with a note that things are "subject to local venue discretion,"

While I was sure the staff at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion would be cool with the entire list (except for maybe the hula hoops) I thought I better check just to be sure. Good thing I did.

"Nice (Eric Prydz Mix)," Duran Duran

No purses, backpacks, or bags of any kind? You mean we have to hold our stuff in our hands or, even worse, wear cargo shorts? I'm not sure where the CWMP crew expects people in tutus and short-shorts to carry their water bottles and glowsticks, but maybe those furry boots the kids wear have secret compartments I don't know about.

Seriously though, I know most of us are fine with leaving our mace and spikes at home, but when did the powers that be decide we were too immature to have bags to hold stuff?

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Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

2005 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands, TX

Category: Music

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