Here's Some Very Aces New Music From Houston Rappers

Botany Boys: Not new, still great.

The amount of music that is coming out in Houston -- specifically the amount of GOOD music -- has grown to such an unignorable volume that it not only forces me to make up words like "unignorable," but also warps the editorial calendar.

Originally, I was planning on writing this extra-clever Back to School playlist (and I guess really if you squint then you can still say that's what this is). But between the time I'd decided on that and the time I'd finished writing it, more than a handful of very neat songs and/or videos from Houston's rap class were sitting in my inbox.

So, all Pink Floyd and whatnot, let's shuck school to the side for a bit and just go haywire with some tough new stuff for you to put in your brain.


1. The decidedly gangster Killa Cal-Wayne doing what decidedly gangsters do (be gangster, basically). Can't help but appreciate his how his hurt is both humanized and canonized.

2. Trae's newest cartoon, wherein he is pestered by a man that has a rodent in his genitals (for real). Don't let your kids watch it.

3. Look: Hollywood FLOSS and Fat Tony ended up Nah Right, which is probably the biggest rap MP3 blog on the Internet.

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