Happy Belated Birthday, Scott Stapp: 10 Gift Ideas for a Rock Icon

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Are you readay-yaahh?
Well, we've done it again. Creed singer Scott Stapp's birthday came and went this week (he's 39), and we didn't get him a thing. Didn't even shout him out on Twitter. After the considerable musical gifts this man has given us over the years, that's completely unacceptable.

There's only one way to make things right, and we think you know what that is: a belated birthday present and a nice card (no CVS garbage). He's probably a little offended that we forgot, so we've got to put a little thought into it. Once you're already late, a Starbucks gift card ain't gonna cut it.

Rocks Off has come up with 10 perfect gift ideas for the greatest rock star of his generation, and just in case you're in the same boat as we are, we're sharing our list with you. Any one of these gift ideas would show Mr. Stapp the appreciation and generous spirit that this artistic contributions to the soundtrack of our lives have earned him.

We'll be honest: It's going to be pretty hard to pick just one. WWJD? He'd buy ALL of them for Scott Stapp, that's what. Can we faithfully do any less?

10. Leather Repair Kit

stapp leather.jpg

When properly cared for, leather pants should be a rock-star investment that lasts for decades. Seems likely to us that, while Mr. Stapp was boozed and pilled out of his mind for a good decade or so, he probably let his flashy britches fall into disrepair. The life of an addict can be rough, and rips, tears, holes and burns in your expensive, custom-made clothing come with the territory.

Don't toss 'em out yet, Scott! One of your fans must surely be thoughtful enough to get you this easy-to-use leather repair kit. Just apply and let dry, and those silvery trousers that got you hella-laid in the '90s will look brand-new again.

9. Donation to the Arms Wide Open Foundation

Even if you'd rather have icepicks fill your ears than Creed's music, and even if you'd rather give Hitler a hand job than dap to Scott Stapp, that still doesn't make the singer a completely irredeemable asshole. Case in point: Back in 2000, Stapp helped to found the Arms Wide Open Foundation, a charity designed to "promote healthy, loving relationships between children and their families."

That sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? Scott Stapp's a famous rock star who already has everything, right on down to his own celebrity sex tape. Instead of buying him some trinket he'll probably toss in the trash, why not reward his more altruistic instincts with a donation to his charitable foundation, instead? After all, there's no one better equipped to teach our kids about artistry and family than the shirtless dude from Creed.

8. Two Tickets to Gathering of the Juggalos 2012

stapp gathering.jpg
It's not easy being the most reviled man in rock. Sure, Scott Stapp was able to self-medicate with all the sex, drugs and rock and roll he could stand for 15 years or so, but that turned out to be a lonely, isolated path that estranged him from his own bandmates. Is there no brotherhood to be found by this man who so clearly longs for love?

Of course there is -- with Stapp's only rivals for the title of "Most Hated" in the music biz! The Insane Clown Posse know a thing or two about dealing with rejection from music snobs, and they're at peace with it, content to do their own thing. We can easily see Stapp finding acceptance this week amongst the outcast "family" at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival.

We certainly know that the sentiment "wicked clown love" captures how we feel about him, anyway.

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#7 won't work, they  have already done that and awhile ago. Stapp hung with Myles and Slash also Eddie Trunk from VH1 at a Rock Festival Creed was playing and Slash opened for Creed at the festival.  There are pictures of it here www.creedneed.shutterfly.com/2012tour


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Not "to" fancy, it's too fancy, nothing TOO fancy.

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