Ghxst Re-Enacts The Doom Generation

My new favorite band is an NYC death-grunge group fronted by the fetching Shelley X, Ghxst. The band sucked me in with the single "Doomgirl," which I described as Fiona Apple singing for Alien Sex Fiend. If that doesn't make you want to download them immediately then brother, you're reading the wrong damn column.

So I wasted no moments when I saw they'd shot a video for their song "Black Camaro," directed by Liudi Hara. In it, the band manages to lift a sweet car from a night store clerk and proceed to do what most of us would do if we stole a car; ride around feeling badass while blaring loud music out of the speakers.

All this mixed with shots of the band playing in a dirty rehearsal space.

It spoke to me as an homage to one of the great modern teen rebel movies The Doom Generation. If you haven't seen it, go do so. There's Rose McGowan naked if you need convincing, but it's also full of a dark, crime-ridden nihilism that makes it like a Bible for the disaffected and those who bleed to know they're alive.

Apparently I wasn't the only person who had Gregg Araki's cinema work in mind.

"It wasn't the only inspiration but, yeah, it has a lot of Araki's movie in it," says Hara via email.

Little touches bring the masterpiece of teenage apocalyptica to mind, such as having the band's purchases ring up for the price $6.66, just like they do in the film. Just goes to show you how intensely watching Cinemax at 2 a.m. can pay off many years later.

"We were watching a lot of Gregg Araki films at the time, and so we wanted the song and video to feel like an apocalyptic, teenage joyride," adds Shelley X.

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