All The September 11th Dubstep Tribute Videos You'll Ever Need

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Most of the email I get in my Rocks Off inbox is pretty boring. The bulk of it is press releases for bands I'm never going to listen to with the occasional new album download sprinkled in, but every now and then something comes along that stops me in my tracks.

It started off as a Facebook link that lead me to an event titled "America F*ck Yeah!" So far, so good.

Then I read "Red, White, and Wobble at Jet Lounge." Not bad, but "Red, Wobble, and Blue" would have been better.

Then I read "September 11th".


It's interesting to look at how different people respond to the same thing. I imagine for a lot of people September 11th is a day of reflection with a hint of sadness. For others there may be tears. Others may just try and get through the day as quickly as possible.

Raging all night is not something I had considered.

It was only a matter of time before I found myself wondering what exactly you spin at a party in remembrance of September 11th. There was only one way for me to find out. Here are some of the things I found after a search for "9/11 dubstep" on Youtube.

"9/11 dubstep tribute" by Palidiniumofficial

I hadn't been expecting Skrillex, but then again I hadn't been expecting interpretive dance either. According to the uploader this exists "because I like dubstep. And the tragedy of 911 meant something to me." That's all well and good but I've watched this thing multiple times now and I'm not entirely sure what any of his moves have to do the twin towers. I chalked this up to me not understanding the youth of America and moved on to the next video.

"Twin Towers Dub Step - Retreat" by HotelUnderSeige

I can't decide how to classify a video like this. Is it confrontational art? Is it an immature tribute? Is it masterful trolling? Is it all at the same time? I'd kind of like to hang out with this guy and ask him why he felt the need to rewind the video of the planes crashing back and what he was trying to say, but I'd also like to keep him as far away from me as possible because I think he might be a sociopath. Doesn't anyone make normal heartfelt dubstep tributes?

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My DJ name is Sweet Zen, and I'm one of the DJs at the the September 11th ACC Productions show at Jet Lounge. Raging all night is exactly what I do in the face of evil and darkness. I believe in life, and I believe in freedom. I believe that our task in life is to shine our light despite of and in the face of darkness. I believe that our task as Americans is to productively use and celebrate our freedom as we pursue our values. So, though there is a playfulness in our event name, you're damn right I'll be raging and celebrating life and my freedom as an American on September 11th! Thanks for the story!

Robert Medlin
Robert Medlin

I clocked out after the pregnant bikini thing. Happy trails!

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