Doeman's The Understatement Debut Tape Is Hardly Understated

That young man up there, that's Doeman. He is yet another talented local rapper hoping to rise above Houston's intimidating Talented Rapper scrum. He recently released a tape called The Understatement. The video is for a song from it. If you watch it, three things are obvious, each of which he expands on inside the mixtape:

1. He's a Latino Rapper: Obviously. But more than just that, he's a rapper who is Latino. His flow is natural and confident, a byproduct of being raised on classic hip-hop -- which, according to him, was the soundtrack his father opted for -- and in the austere but welcoming environment, the Southeast side of Houston.

It will prove to be a solid bargaining chip. There are only a handful of talented Latino rappers, fewer still who are young and immediately, mass-consumably cool-looking.

2. He's Fit: His slightly hunched shoulders hint at his affinity for boxing, which he mentions several times on The Understatement; the cover is actually a shot of him sitting on a stool in the corner of a ring between rounds.

Were he to shout it over and over again, it would grow tiresome quickly, but he always only mentions it in passing, which makes it an interesting aside. To wit, at the beginning of the second verse of a song called "All a Dream," one of three songs from the tape with original production, he spouts, "I promised mama a mansion, I promised daddy a Grammy, I promised Junior a title, I promised my girl a family."

It's a moving moment, and a clever bit of songwriting. It seems fair to assume that the further he moves into his career (this is his first tape), the more this type of showmanship will show up in songs.

3. He's At His Most Impressive When He Unleashes The Entirety of His Menace: Doe is good at rapping at a moderate clip, but his remarkable when he goes three-quarter speed, his high-frequency pitch turning flips around itself.

There are several parts on The Understatement where he does the same thing, and every time it's enjoyable. The best is when he goes yo-yo on an auspicious redo of A Tribe Called Quest's "Check the Rhime."

When asked about it, when asked how sincere his appreciation could possibly be for a band that recorded its first album before he was born, he responded, "I love Tribe. I grew up on them. My dad used to play them. There's a line in there where he [Phife Dawg] says something about being five feet tall; I'm only 5'3". I really felt that. I've loved them since then."

A couple of other notes about The Understatement that'll help:

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I was checking out a @whoisduck show at Jet Lounge and Doeman and Tone performed before his set. I was really impressed and grabbed the mixtape. Sadly, i just checked it out today but it is AWESOME especially for his first project. Looking forward to hearing more from him and yea he killed that "Check the Rhime" beat. 

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