(UPDATED) Do Ya Think He's Sexy?: Great Embarassingly Awesome Pics Of Rod Stewart (Semi-NSFW)

This is an update to a Rod Stewart birthday blog from the cold and blustery January of this year. Stewart hits town this evening with Stevie Nicks.

Photo By Craig Hlavaty
Rod Stewart in 2009 at the Woodlands
Today Rod "The Mod" Stewart turns 67 years old, and by the looks of the way he still acts in public and live in concert, he feels 27. Seriously, when we saw him in 2009 at The Woodlands, he was a force of sexuality to be reckoned with. When he wasn't singing "Young Turks" or "Hot Legs" he was kicking soccer balls into the crowd, and making women of most every age swoon like mad.

"Aside from what has begun to look increasingly like an oldies tribute act, Stewart actually has a well-spring of rock and roll dance anthems behind him. At the end of the day, he has a good two dozen bedrock tracks that can't be trifled with," we wrote the next day after the show. Here's hoping Houston sees him again in 2012.

But you didn't click on this for an in-depth review into Rod The Bod, no. You came for sexy pics of the man, the myth, the Speedo.

It wasn't easy culling this group of pictures together. Googling "Rod Stewart hot," "Rod Stewart sexy", and even "Rod Stewart nude" took a toll on my brain, and my hard drive. I would have thought there would have been at least an ass shot or two from the paparazzi. Welp, there is one of him sucking on his wife's breast if that floats your pants.

Stewart with wife Penny Lancaster. What's so funny??

Remember that time that Rod had a pair of "hot legs" growing out the side of his ass?

Picture 3.jpg
If you did a double-take and thought that Rod's hand and finger were his man-junk, burn your face with a hot iron.

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gross. but you have to admit the guy does pull tail

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