Slightly Stoopid: "All of Us Are Pretty Much Music Nerds"

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This summer's Unity Tour has 311 teaming up with Slightly Stoopid to hit 38 cities. Houston of course is along the road.

Known for never sticking to just one specific genre, Slightly Stoopid will hit the stage at Cynthia Woods Sunday evening. Rocks Off got to speak with drummer Ryan Moran, aka RyMo, about SS itself and what makes each stop a little more tasty.

Rocks Off: Now I kind of got started with the band when I was in high school, probably because I was such a huge Sublime fan. Slightly Stoopid started out with just two childhood friends, Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald, who were discovered by Sublime lead singer Bradley Nowell. The band started as a duo and has grown into a six-piece or more. What brought you into Slightly Stoopid?

Ryan Moran:Basically Miles and Kyle, childhood friends, grew together and made music together, had another friend that was the drummer back when they were in high school. They ended up meeting Brad Nowell from Sublime before Sublime was anything as what they are known as today.

Stoopid debut July 12.jpg
Miles and Kyle played some songs for Brad and Brad was like, "Yeah man you guys are really good. I want to sign you to this record label I'm putting together."

This has to be in about '94 or '95. So Skunk Records was just getting started. So basically the band kind of started that way. The original drummer left and they went through about five or six different drummers over that period of time from about '98 to about 2002.

At that time in early 2002, I was playing with another group, also from San Diego. We were on a tour with Slightly Stoopid. We all just hit it off. It's just the way that fate works.

The band I was with at the time started plateauing and wasn't really touring very much at the time. I happened to cross paths with Slightly Stoopid's tour manage, who told me the guy may wanna give me a call. Well we ended up talking on the phone, did a couple of rehearsals and that was that. And that was early 2003.

I guess around '05-'06 is when we meet DeLa and C-Money, who were playing trumpet and saxophone from a band from Boston. We kind of hit it off. It was a similar situation, really, where we had done a whole tour and became good friends.

After the tour Miles and Kyle called them up and said, "Hey you guys wanna be in our band?" I guess we sort of came together strangely through different groups, and here we are today.

RO:Starting from the simple basics as bass, guitar, drums and now y'all have saxophone, keyboards, congos and more. This transformation just took place -- there wasn't any plan, I'm guessing.

RyMo:Yeah, things just sort of evolved. This wasn't like the grand plan to go from three guys to eight guys. Every time you take on more members, often you take on more drama or who knows what. You're taking on another personality, basically. Things don't always work out.

A lot of times people add members to their band, and that member added happens to break up the whole band. With us it's been more of an evolutionary sort of scenario. You know we'd meet someone and the vibe would seem right and things would go from there.

We've been really fortunate. We all want to be full-time musicians. We don't want to change our circumstances and slow things down. We all see the potential of this band. We love the music, and at the end of the day it's all about making music with our friends.

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Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

2005 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands, TX

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Edward Vyeda
Edward Vyeda

Great interview. I especially like the use of the term 'Country-Ass' by RyMo lol. Cant wait to see Slightly Stoopid in Irvine when they hit CA! Cheers


Good interview. "saxophone, keyboards, congos" I hope congos was a typo. If you were talking about hand drums, it's either congAs or bongos -- Congo is a region of Africa.

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