Scouting Report: Trae's Son, Rapper Lil' Jared, Hits the Court

Lil' Jared
The kid shooting the free throw, that's Jared. He's a rapper. And this is kind of about him, but also about some other people. Because this is kind of about rap, but also about some other things.

Jared's father is Trae tha Truth, which means a few different things:

1. He's probably very well-behaved. I mean, how could he not be? His dad is basically a tank with tattoos. You know what you do when your dad is a tank with tattoos? Whatever the hell he says to do, that's what.
2. He's probably very tough. (See: No. 1)
3. He has grown up in and around rap.

The last one is the important one.

Jared is a budding rapper. He released his first proper song in 2009, a charming, baby blue-light track called "Ballin', Smashin'." About three weeks ago, he put out a new one; the heavier, more advanced assault called "Wood Doe's" that features Pimp C's son, Lil' C.

He's gotten better quickly (not that surprising, really) and people are excited for what he's going to do in the future. But this is about what he's doing right now.

In addition to rapping, Jared, like a lot of young boys, plays sports for his neighborhood's YMCA. Currently, they're in basketball season. And apparently, his team is kicking all kinds of... you know.

The team is coached by EZ, the longtime videographer for ABN.

When EZ started messaging me about them maybe three weeks ago, he billed them as a tiny Dream Team of sorts, the YMCA ten/11-year-old division's Miami Heat. He said they'd been blowing teams out, winning by 15, 20, 30 points.

I've coached that age group in the past, and I coach an older age group now, so I was skeptical. I mean, several of the teams I've had would have trouble scoring 30 points in a game if every bucket they made was worth 30 points.

So, this past Saturday I went and watched.

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