Rock 101 KLOL Comes Barreling Back as an Internet Station

RO: Is there room for an Internet rock station to prosper in Houston?

HB: Houston is a city of four million plus, and for Arbitron or anyone else for that matter to try to convince me all four million are Christians, Hispanics, hip-hop and country music lovers are just full of their own bullshit.

Even if as small as ten percent of those four million are rock lovers, you are talking about some 400,000 people. Houston has a market for rock, and no guy in a board room with an Arbitron report is going to tell me otherwise.

RO: What about your detractors?

HB: Anyone who says it will not work is someone who does not listen to rock music, and they do not want their previous statements to be proven wrong. It is sure to succeed because no corporation is involved. I am just like the people who listen and I know what Rock 101 KLOL meant to me, so I know what it meant to them.

RO: And as for the future of your KLOL, what does that hold?

HB: It is my hope that perhaps someday we can find an abandoned FM Station to broadcast from as a legacy device since there are those who cannot afford unlimited Internet and they should not be deprived because they cannot afford to listen, but make no mistake, the Internet is the future and analog stations are nothing more than legacy tech.

RO: What about an app for smartphones?

HB: There is no app in the works as of yet, but that does not mean there won't be in the future, but as of now there are plenty of ways to listen in without a branded app. It's more of a novelty thing than something that is needed. Trying to get some on-air talent on board is paramount for a successful launch on November 12 of this year.

RO: I was definitely excited to see the name and hear music coming from the site as were many others, obviously.

HB: It warms my heart to hear people share the same excitement as myself, and the fans seem to be expressing that since I put the Facebook page up and launched the test stream.

I am always looking for help, but remember that there is no salary unless this thing takes off and somehow makes a profit in the future. Even I get no salary and have invested my own time and money in this thing.

Although I would not mind making money from this, it is not the driving force behind this project.

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not to be a hater, but, I was hoping Pat Fant and RFC Media would have been involved. They have set-up the Third Rock radio and tried to get Runaway Radio online.

but as I'm typing this, Rush 2112 just started.  awesome!


There is a need in this city for a Rock station. I completely agree with him and I have been streaming it at work since I found out!  \m/

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