Rock 101 KLOL Comes Barreling Back as an Internet Station

RO: What about the old crew from the station? What has been their take?

HB: I am working hard to try and bring back personalities like Jim Pruett, Boner, Outlaw Dave, Wendy Miller, Scotty Phillips, Grego and the rest. But this is listener-supported and I do not have a budget for on-air talent.

This is not to say if the former on-air talents returned they could not generate their own salaries because I believe the can. Making appearances and acquiring sponsors for their shows are all ways they could generate their own money. But this is a sticking point, and I may have to find the next Jim Pruett or Outlaw Dave working at a college-radio station, who is looking for experience and exposure and his or her chance to shine.

RO: Have any of them expressed interest in coming aboard?

HB: Only time will tell if some, or any, of the former talents will return, but some have personally expressed their interest in the project and are considering a return. Some are no longer in Houston, but one of the beautiful things about this tech is that they can broadcast from their homes in their underwear if they want.

The Outlaw Radio Show will be revived and in the evening slot where I hope to feature some local Houston bands looking for some exposure. I would absolutely love to have Outlaw Dave doing the show, but there is little to no chance of that happening because he still works for Clear Channel, and also his show on 950 AM airs in the same slot.

Seems to me that he is wasting his talents on an AM Station, but that is just my humble opinion.

KLOL July 23.jpg
RO: I imagine that some of them would love to help or at least throw support behind you.

HB: The first person to contact me was Dave, asking who I was and to contact him on a personal email, but after writing a lengthy email to him, he failed to respond. To be honest I do not know where he stands since he has not really said anything of any substance. I think his situation with Clear Channel would keep him from participating.

Dayna Steele was the next to contact me and she has been wonderful. Almost like a mother fawning over her baby. She tuned in and wrote me several times telling me how she could not wipe the smile from her face. Unfortunately a return to broadcasting is not the cards for her though, as she is too busy with her new book-writing career, but she is 100 percent behind this project and I am honored.

Sadly, Jim Pruett has been completely silent and has not corresponded with me in any way, even though I have made several attempts to engage him. Grego recently replied to me and said he was interested to participate, but that he would have to check with his current employer, which is of course understandable. Scotty Phillips is also considering participating, but he recently moved his elderly father in with him so he could take care of him, so not sure if he will have the time.

Brian Shannon, (AKA Eddie "The Boner" Sanchez) has not replied to attempts to contact him so where he is, or what he is thinking is not known at this time. Wendy Miller is a possibility, but a friend is going to speak with her and see if there is any interest. She, like Scotty Phillips, is no longer in Houston, but again they can broadcast from anywhere in the world with a laptop, mike and music so geographical location is of little importance.

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not to be a hater, but, I was hoping Pat Fant and RFC Media would have been involved. They have set-up the Third Rock radio and tried to get Runaway Radio online.

but as I'm typing this, Rush 2112 just started.  awesome!


There is a need in this city for a Rock station. I completely agree with him and I have been streaming it at work since I found out!  \m/

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