Top 5 Ringtones For People You Want to Avoid

Ringtone rotator android app june 29.jpg
Sometimes we just don't want to hear from certain people. Unfortunately we pick up the phone and see who is calling, and it just puts a damper on our day.

Why can't we have some better warning to not pick up the phone?

We all have that creepy ex who calls or texts wanting to hang out, or that one-night stand who just won't go away. Sometimes it would be nice to know when your mother or father is calling, so depending on your situation or mood at the time you don't have to bother answering. And that poor lost-cause friend who calls a little too much.

We all have them. So I figured why not give these characters their own ringtone so that you won't have to even move to lift up the phone and see who it might be.

5. Electric Light Orchesta, Evil Woman

ELO June 29.jpg
We all have evil-ass bitches in our lives, unfortunately. I'd prefer not to speak to them. They tend to make matters worse, have stabbed you in the back and just annoy the crap out of you. They're evil women. That seems pretty clear.

2. "Cee-Lo Green, F**k You"

Fuck_you June 29.JPG
The ex who broke your heart. I think it's plain and simple. You clearly deserve better, they realize that (now) and hit you up. Not fair, so I say forget them. Cee Lo says it a little more upfront.

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