Michael Phelps: What the Heck Is He Listening To?

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Photo by Flickr user jdlasica
When he competes, U.S. Olympian Michael Phelps is usually seen walking into the arena with headphones on, blasting music in order to get him pumped up for the upcoming race. But what the hell is he listening to?

It's rumored that Phelps is a huge rap and hip-hop fan, but there's no telling what is actually coming through those headphones. I know from playing soccer in my past that certain things pumped me up and had me ready to go. And certain genres or certain songs in particular were off the gameday playlist instantly. Let's just say country music never made the cut.

But I figured why not poke some fun at this and try to figure out what the heck Phelps is listening to? He's never bopping his head or mouthing any words, so this interpretation can have a wide range of musical guesses.

"Marijuana,"Kid Kudi

In the past, Phelps has been caught hitting the bong, and has made a public apology for his actions. In my mind I say, "Damn, he broke world records, let him take one hit." But hey, it's illegal after all.

Yes, Phelps is into this genre of music, but I would find it oddly ironic if this happened to be playing through his headphones in order to get him pumped up. I doubt that this would have pumped anyone up for the 400-meter freestyle or any swimming event. But maybe for Phelps, it's a reminder what is to come after the Olympics.

"Just Keep Swimming," Dori from Finding Nemo

He's swimming clearly and keeps going. From Sydney, Athens, Beijing and now the London Olympics there seems to be no stop to this man. Regardless if he isn't up to his medal count from the last summer Olympics in Beijing, he just keeps swimming. Although there is rumor and talk at the London Olympics that this just may be the last Olympic round for Phelps.

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