Follow This: 5 Brutally Honest Reviews For 5 Bands Who Did

Gaze upon three of my 287 followers.
Up until recently I've remained fairly indifferent to the number of followers I have on Twitter. After all, if my ego was dependent on the number of people following me I would just drop the $5 necessary to buy a few thousand and call it a night.

Ever since I started writing here at Rocks Off I've noticed random musical groups from across the country following me. These are people I've never talked to or talked about, from places I've never been. They never reply, retweet or favorite anything I say. It feels oddly impersonal.

Since they aren't interested in communicating with me, I've never felt the need to follow them back, which I can only assume makes me a bad Twitter friend.

So today I've decided to do them one better. Someone somewhere had to take the time out of their day to hit the follow button on my Twitter account. If they were nice enough to do that I figure the least I can do is give them 30 seconds of my time to give them a brutally honest review of their music.

St8 Of Grace (@st8ofgrace1)
Twitter Bio: If you like Rock n Roll Music... you'll enjoy listening to A refreshing Chicago Band called ST8 OF GRACE these guy's play some of Today best sound n bands
Song Reviewed: "Not Myself"
When I Stopped The Song: 2:25/3:33

Some bands are victims of fate -- they're either ahead of their time and misunderstood, or arrive too late playing a sound that's fallen out of fashion. When the song was upbeat I found myself thinking that with a better budget and cleaner sound these guys would be right at home in modern-rock radio.

Then the rap thing started and just... ugh. The first time I looked past it because I wanted to hear the hook, which wasn't bad, but the second time I just wasn't feeling it. If I want to hear substandard rapping in a rock song I have plenty of CDs from the late '90s at my disposal. Keep working on the riffs and see how things go from there, gentlemen.

Mark Jones and Twenty Paces (@MJandXXP)
Twitter Bio: We're a band. We like Whataburger. And boutique amps. And breaking stuff. And barbeque. If you're having a barbeque, we want to come.
Song Reviewed: "Wild Eyed, Fast and Free"
When I Stopped The Song: 3:13/4:00

Let's talk about first impressions. Looking at the time-elapsed stat above you can correctly guess that I thought the song was, at the very least, decent. I thought the song was slightly better than that, to be honest, which is weird because this isn't typically my type of music.

The problem here is that the version on their Website is from a live recording which is full of crowd noise. I'm not talking people cheering, although there is some of that; I'm talking about people having conversations that are just loud enough to be distracting and annoying.

Gentlemen, this was the first thing that played on your Website; ask yourself if that is really putting your best foot forward.

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