Friday Night: Kaskade at Bayou Music Center

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Kaskade July 23 1.JPG
Photos by Julian Bajsel
Kaskade, Alvin Risk, Fareoh
Bayou Music Center
July 20, 2012

See some of Kaskade's Houston "Freaks of Nature" fans in our slideshow.

Freak of nature is normally defined as something unusual or unexpected. All in all, it's a natural phenomenon. Kaskade's Freaks of Nature Tour gave the term a new definition.

Kaskade opened some people's eyes to his upcoming tour after viewing his Coachella set this spring. The tour kicked off on May 26 in Las Vegas will keep going till August 15, but there could always be new dates and locations added.

My friend and I showed up early, ready for the show. Being there before the doors opened and while it was still light outside was pretty interesting for me. The typical EDM show doesn't start at 8 p.m., but we weren't at Stereo Live, after all.

Kaskade Fans July 23 5.jpg
Being one of the first few there, I noticed that the turnout wasn't as much as I would have expected. I kept telling myself, "Alvin Risk is on before Kaskade, the place will be packed soon enough." Now there was a large group there but nothing to the extent of what I am used to at shows.

Fareoh was performing and people were just starting to show up. Now my friend and I took this time to get used to the surroundings (where the bar, water fountain and bathrooms were) and dance without sweating and rubbing up against others.

Soon enough Alvin Risk came on. I was already in my own state of mind or I guess just the freak of nature came out in me. I had just seen this man perform at Electric Forest and I knew what skills he possessed.

I was so excited. However, I kept looking around and the crowd just wasn't what I had expected. Again, it may have been that people just aren't used to showing up to these shows so early.

It's not like any of these circumstances kept the crowd that was there from getting freaky to some Alvin. He opened with his own version of "Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker" (originally by Dada Life) and was tearing things apart. Only thing is, I couldn't see him. I asked my friend, "Wait, where is he?"

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Bayou Music Center

520 Texas Ave., Houston, TX

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