Gathering of the Juggalos Snags Geto Boys Reunion From Houston's Hands, Bitch

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Photo by Marc Brubaker
I can't lie that it doesn't smart a bit that the Geto Boyz are reuniting for the Gathering of the Juggalos a few hundred miles away in the middle of an Illinois field instead in Houston, but that's the breaks. When the 2012 lineup for the Insane Clown Posse's annual festival was announced this week, more than a few hearts sank in H-Town, and a few of you probably made travel arrangements.

Judging from the video trailer for the festival, the Juggalos see all of you as zombies and swine who should be shot and killed. I say all of you because I have my Juggalo badge and I am down to survive, homeslice. Whoop whoop. And I'm sorry, but I wanna be at a concert where "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is hosting. You can have your indie-rock and your wingtips shoes and deodorant.

The message against "brainwashed, corporate, spoonfed garbage-eaters" is refreshing. They ain't no AT&T or Google stages here.

That's 23 minutes that you will not want to end, and I hope that Free Press Summer Fest also makes a a nearly half-hour promo video for their next festival. Also, the Gathering lineup is one of the most boneheaded, interesting and surreal lineups I have ever seen in my years of covering music festivals. Fucking wrestling?

Of course, also this week, a new Twitter bot was born in the wake of the festival announcement, a Gathering Bot that "retweets what people are saying about the Gathering of the Juggalos" and is not affiliated with the festival itself. It was "created by a nerdy Juggalo for amusement," which proves you don't need drugs to have your mind blown. And my computer knows to capitalize Juggalo now, too.

The bot basically retweets any and everything that is tweeted about the Gathering, even picking up local rapper Fat Tony's expression of love for the fest.

A festival of this size can honestly only get larger and more diverse, so give it five or so years before the likes of Fleet Foxes and Neil Young play on the Fay-Go stage. Or am I being too hopeful?

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haha. geto boys said fuck lame ass hatin houston... JUGGALOS HERE WE COME! haha. fuck any bitch ass houston hater. geto boys are making the best moves for them, not for u corny ass slow motion texas weak fucks. U CAN HATE AND BE MAD NOW, little texas bitches. the geto boys are moving on to BIGGER and BADDER things...


I'm 17 and this will be my first GOTJ and GB show. Me and a van full of friends are going to check out the the greatest rap group ever the Geto Boys! We're treking all the way from Phonix, Arizona. I agree homeslice fucking swine in Houston should be shot for letting another city beat them to the punch. Whoop Whoop!!!!!!

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