Top 6 Rap Songs That Criticize the USA

Photo by Marco Torres
The Geto Boys
Word to your mamas, sucka emcees. It's the Fourth of July (or, as the Native American guy that I went to college with used to half-jokingly refer to it, "The Most Fucked Up Holiday I Can Think Of... Why Don't We Just Go Ahead And Start Celebrating 9/11, Because That's Basically What This Is For Me"). So let's hop to.

One of the best things about being an American is citizens have the right to criticize the government, even vehemently. So, accordingly, roll forward for a proper playlist of a few of the very best anti-American rap songs that are immediately available on YouTube. You know what it is.

6. Geto Boys, "Fuck a War"

First, is there any way that Bushwick Bill doesn't answer the phone, "Bushwick motherfuckin' Bill"?

Second, a couple quotes:

"You can't pay me to join an Army camp or any other motherfuckin' military branch of this United goddamn States of this bitch America"

-- Bushwick

"Yo, [George] Bush! I ain't your damn hoe"

-- Bushwick

"I ain't goin' to war for a shit-talkin' president"

-- Willie D

"Y'all lucky that I ain't the president, 'cause I'll push the fuckin' button and get it over with"

-- Bushwick

5. Public Enemy, "Fight The Power"

Perhaps the most influential anti-American (but really anti-bigotry/discrimination/etc.) song of all-time. Just SOOOOO good. It's as good as Flavor Flav is unpalatable.

I'm saying, holy cow that's a hell of a face to have to carry around for your entire life. I heard he offered The Elephant Man swapsies and T.E.M. was like, "Nah, nah. I'm good, bro. I think I'm gonna ride this out."

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Don't forget "American Terrorists" by Lupe Fiasco

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