Got Issues? Ask Rock a Little

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Dear Rock A Little,

So I am a little upset that you have not called me back and accepted for a fifth date. I was falling in love with you, but I guess you didn't feel the same way. Why are you avoiding me?

Brian Smith
Downtown Houston

Dear Brian Smith,
In the beginning I believed in love and things. It happened like a hurricane. I could never really tell you what this did to me. I could never make it better for you. Anyway, thing is, time was, part of me still does -- this light here.

Some become strangers. Did you have to be so easy to live without it. I was hoping to remember you with just a smile. Now the memory of giving you is giving out. Well, I could say that I knew it all the while.

Dear Rock a Little,

I have been debating on which energy drink is better: 5 Hour Energy, Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull or those little canned coffee frapps that you can buy at the gas station from Starbucks. I am thinking of mixing them together to make a super-energy drink that will be sorta like a super-energy drink. Will it work?


Dear HC62,
Well I think you will like sister honey. She will help you make up your mind. Even if you don't need her, she needs you, brother.

Dear Rock a Little,

Can you help me with my financial woes? I keep buying records, records and more records so much that I have had to refinance my home and declare bankruptcy. Please help me, as Suze Orman was of help.

Broke-ass in Baytown

Dear Broke-ass,
You say I have everything. Well, I'm living off dreams and chains -- but I sing for the things money can't buy.

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