A King's Course: Phonetic Spelling With KDOGG

Photo by Larami Serrano
I don't know how many rappers are on Twitter. A mathematician might guess it somewhere around "A FUCKING LOT." And plenty of them have been high-fived for any number of things, be it insight, humor or ratchetry. But when it comes to raw poetry, to unfiltered, sweaty swampland Tennessee Williams-levels of spelling ingenuity, no one is better than KDOGG.

His remastication of the English language is world class, a king's course in phonology, and is indicative of the type of creativity that has already peppered his songwriting early on in his career. So, fully embarrassed that he effortlessly oozes the type of originality that all writers covet, we reached across Twitter and asked him for some beginner terms.

First four below:

Word: Wna
What Actual Words It Combines: "Want" and "To"
Level Of Difficulty: 1.8/5
Used In A Sentence: "Man, these bitches need to hurry up. I wna leave already."

Asessment: You turned "want to" into "wanna," then eventually to "wana." Cowardice halted your evolution though. KDOGG squeezed blood from a stone. And he wasn't even trying.



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