The Same but Different: The 2012 Vans Warped Tour at Reliant Center

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Some bands just hang out near Warped hoping to make new fans.
I left Warped reflecting on the day and the things I knocked off my thimble list: running around in a circle pit; dancing in a silent disco; being old enough to go in to the Adult Daycare.

It was outside the show on the way back to my car I met the above gentlemen. Icarus the Owl are on their own tour and decided to spend their afternoon hanging out outside of Warped, playing their music off MP3 players and trying to make new fans.

It was weird, but admirable at the same time. Warped is full of weird moments like that. People going down a slip and slide even though it's raining. Someone in a Spiderman suit crowd surfing in an inflatable raft. People hanging out under semis because there's dry ground. Monks chanting while Dead Sara does an acoustic set 30 feet away.

Of course you'd try and sell your CDs at the Warped Tour, even if it meant hanging out outside the gates.

Where else would you rather be?

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NRG Center

8400 Kirby, Houston, TX

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All these articles about Warped i've read and not one of them mentions actual good underground bands that Warped Tour was actually made to garner some form of hype for, stop talking about mainstream nu-metal bands that have huge crowds of the same looking kids and talk about real bands that have been doing this for years and finally got to be on warped like I Am The Avalanche, A Loss For Words, Title Fight, Make Do and Mend, Fireworks and talk about cool new features like the acoustic basement where guys like Vinnie Caruana from I Am The Avalanche, Koji, Into It. Over It. and Kris Roe from the Ataris are actually trying to make names for themselves.


Warped. Meh. The new trending links on the site 2xMeh.

Jacob M
Jacob M

How would you know if it's cool if you didn't even know they were still doing this?


Theyre still doing this? Hasnt been cool since 2001.

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