The Same but Different: The 2012 Vans Warped Tour at Reliant Center

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Photos by Cory Garcia
The inflatable wall of information.
"I couldn't wait for the summer and the Warped Tour," sang Blink-182, echoing many of my own thoughts as the school year would come to a close. I'm not a hot-weather person, but for a few years at the end of the '90s and the start of the '00s I looked forward to the Warped Tour as much as I did Halloween and Christmas.

A bad case of "Cory spends too much time in the sun and gets sick" a few years back has had me away from the summer festival scene for a while, but after living through Summer Fest I felt like it was time to face my fear and visit Warped once again.

I woke up early on Sunday, grabbed a camera, and like so many others braved the rain for a few hours to see what's new at my favorite summer tradition and what hasn't changed.

Improvised shelter.
If you're wondering if Sunday's lingering rain had any effect on the crowd, the simple answer is no. People might have spent a little more time looking for shelter and a little more time under blankets instead of sitting on top of them, but when it came time to watch the bands the crowd was in to it.

The line to get in and the line to buy tickets were both down the street by the time the first acts started hitting the stage, and from where I was standing outside the venue you could already hear the crowd screaming in approval for Sleeping With Sirens.

The crowd was the general mixture of types that you'd expect from these shows: some in all black, some mostly naked and covered in paint, people in costume (2 Spidermen, 1 Waldo, and what I believe was the same Pink Ranger from Summer Fest), people in neon, the bald, the Mohawked, the pierced, and the inked.

All of them, no matter the outfit, navigated the often confusing labyrinth of stages, vendors, and merch booths trying to catch everything. At the start of the day making your way through the fest wasn't a big deal, but as more people arrived and more bands started to do signings moving in the merch area became increasing difficult.

It's great that so many bands make time to meet their fans, but I've always wondered if there isn't a more efficient way of doing so.

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NRG Center

8400 Kirby, Houston, TX

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All these articles about Warped i've read and not one of them mentions actual good underground bands that Warped Tour was actually made to garner some form of hype for, stop talking about mainstream nu-metal bands that have huge crowds of the same looking kids and talk about real bands that have been doing this for years and finally got to be on warped like I Am The Avalanche, A Loss For Words, Title Fight, Make Do and Mend, Fireworks and talk about cool new features like the acoustic basement where guys like Vinnie Caruana from I Am The Avalanche, Koji, Into It. Over It. and Kris Roe from the Ataris are actually trying to make names for themselves.


Warped. Meh. The new trending links on the site 2xMeh.

Jacob M
Jacob M

How would you know if it's cool if you didn't even know they were still doing this?


Theyre still doing this? Hasnt been cool since 2001.

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