Ted Nugent's Top 10 Tasteless Album Covers

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Female-degrading. Gun-loving. Conservative. All of these terms describe rocker Ted Nugent, one of the more outspoken right-wing conservatives in rock music today. Unfortunately (or hilariously), he doesn't know when to be quiet about his views on gun rights and any politician he disagrees with.

Some of Uncle Ted's views on various issues can also be seen in the form of the artwork on his album covers. Here are ten where he lets it all hang out.

10. If You Can't Lick 'Em, Lick 'Em
Though the album cover isn't so much offensive, the title could be construed as "if you don't have sex with me, expect a beating." Knowing Nugent's misogynistic leanings, this would be no surprise.

9. Hunt Music

This album cover is like the antithesis of every single rock album cover ever made, because it lacks the sort of style and bravado that makes rock music amazing. This is basically saying, "I really don't care about this album" or "I've gone country" -- which would be an insult to that genre.

8. Love Grenade (actual album cover)


Ted tries to redeem himself from the travesty that was the original Love Grenade cover (see No. 7) by putting the symbol for breast-cancer awareness on a grenade. Though somewhat tamer than the original album cover, it's still implying that it's okay to kill a woman.

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Ted Nugent will always be a 70s legend, even if his politics of today are indeed very strange and bizarre. None of his 70s album covers are bad at all. 


Ted Nugent is a racist bigoted inbred crapping in his pants coward! 


they're offensive to YOU.  *I* think they're rock n' roll, which is what uncle Ted is.  his "tasteless" album covers surely didn't stop people from buying his records. also- his politics should make ZERO difference in comparison to his music.


I agree, I mean, I hate Ted for being the musical genius behind Stranglehold and Great White Buffalo then betraying everything rock-n-roll by becoming a rightwing tool-shucker. BUT, hokey album covers with ridiculous deptictions of the artist are nothing new, and making a crazy face isn't tasteless. Number 7 is the only one. So I think I have to go with ruSERIOUS here.


Quite possibly the stupidest article I've ever read. Sounds like you have a vendetta against the man. Something personal between you two or you just exercising your freedom of speech and giving your opinion as Ted often does. Pot meet Kettle.


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