Top Ten Awkward Electric Daisy Carnival Dance Move GIFs

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Chris Victorio
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By Christopher Victorio and Ben Westhoff

We love you, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. In fact, here are five reasons why you rule the roost.

But my oh my you dance funky. We're not saying we're any better; truth is, we're utterly captivated by you and your awkward ways. Were God to create a third left foot, we know you would utilize it. Here, then, are the top ten awkward EDC Las Vegas dance move GIFs.

10. Fanny Packin' Heat If this girl looks a little tentative it's because she's worried she doesn't have enough bracelets on. Unfortunately for you haters, though, she's got three dozen more in her fanny pack!

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OHHHkay.. I take it ALL back.. this Douchebag in the Gold Lame pants is SERiously annnoying me ! 


Good God is it just me ? Watching these idiots makes me want to go out and split some skulls open, just sayn


 @TOLDYA Awwww. COME awn!! These peeps are just havin' fun! 

Why be so negatory?? Are ya sittin' in front of yer computer, wishung you were there? I think you are taking this waaay too seriously! 

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