Top 10 Weirdest Kiss Memorabilia Items Up For Sale

kissmore photo courtesy Ebay user customcage.jpg
customcage on eBay
5. Mount KISSmore: When I was young, in my parents or grandmother's house we had a "Precious Moments" figure on display in a cabinet or a shelf. However, for any member of the Kiss army, this is a household essential. It has the faces of Gene, Paul, Ace and friends carved into stone.

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buyrocknroll on eBay
4. Kiss table lamp: Some people have regular lamps. Cool people have lava lamps. Kiss fans and members of their army have a Kiss table lamp.

kiss wall fountain.jpg
jason34614 on eBay
3. Kiss wall fountain Some people have little water fountains in their house, probably meant to help calm that person down. A Kiss enthusiast, however, would probably have the Kiss wall fountain that may have red-colored water spewing from Gene Simmons' mouth.

kiss wine2.jpg
kisscollector69 on eBay
2. Kiss This Wine: Kiss certainly knows how to cater to every taste, in this case wine connoisseurs. This nonalcoholic wine was sold at places like Spencer's. Rumor has it they may also come out with an alcoholic version as well.

kiss sock monkey.jpg
MarysMonkeys on Etsy
1. KISS sock monkeys: I found this on, a place where people sell their DIY projects. I am surprised this did not end up on etsy's twin site, regretsy -- where all the bad and "what were they thinking" DIY projects go. This is an absolutely hideous doll. However, if you are a Kiss fan and you like sock monkeys, you should totally buy this.

Honorable Mention: Kiss Destroyer shower curtain, Kiss nesting dolls, Kiss apron and Kiss coffeehouse cups.

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I LOVE those sock monkeys!  I have that infamous KISS garbage can. Their photo was flopped (reversed) when it was printed. Mine was in a storage room where I'd worked. Cleaned 'er up and it sits in my basement bar for no other reason other thn to look at a stupid but cool garbage can of a miserable band that look better as sock monkeys.

Robey Glass Works
Robey Glass Works

Kiss is making everything but music these days- Haven't been the same since Ace & Pete left.......

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