Top 10 Weirdest Kiss Memorabilia Items Up For Sale

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In rock n roll and pop music, merchandising has always been a somewhat lucrative ordeal. This especially rings true whenever an artist becomes extremely popular. It is a great marketing ploy, whether for teens, diehards, collectors or regular fans.

Let's face it, when it comes to music merchandising, Kiss has thrived very well in that area, especially with their king and legendary front man Gene Simmons. The band has a bonanza of memorabilia with their logo that includes pretty much everything made under the sun, from the normal band memorabilia of T-shirts, jewelry and hats all the way down to the unusual and downright strange: Condoms, caskets, house décor and urns. Kiss has also made still other cool merchandise such as the comic books, dolls and action figures, a pinball machine, trading cards and plenty more.

If you wanted, you could probably deck out your entire house in KISS memorabilia. I dare you.

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toufas1 on eBay
10. KISS condoms: In the mood for love yet don't wanna get your lady pregnant or get (or even give out) some sort of STD? Protect your boys with Gene Simmons and friends. The Kiss Kondom was introduced in 2002. These "tongue lubricated" rubbers come in various varieties such as "Love Gun Protection," "Tongue Lubricated" and "Studded Paul."

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9. Kiss knife and money clip: Nothing says "stay away from my money you gold-digging mugger" like a combination KISS knife and money clip.

8. Kiss casket: If you party like a rock star, you should at least be buried in style. Though this was discontinued in the mid-2000s, Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell was buried in a KISS casket. According to Gene Simmons, the KISS casket could also serve as a "giant KISS cooler."

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kiss-museum on eBay
7. Kiss house door key: Do you have the urge to feel the protection of supergroup that is Kiss when you enter your apartment, house, duplex, condo or even efficiency? Let Gene Simmons assist with this.

6. Kiss perfume: If you want to smell like Gene, Ace, or any of the rest of the band (or you ladies want to smell like their fantasy women) this is perfect for the Kiss fan who loves to smell great, or perhaps a perfume collector. It was sold at department stores such as Macy's.

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I LOVE those sock monkeys!  I have that infamous KISS garbage can. Their photo was flopped (reversed) when it was printed. Mine was in a storage room where I'd worked. Cleaned 'er up and it sits in my basement bar for no other reason other thn to look at a stupid but cool garbage can of a miserable band that look better as sock monkeys.

Robey Glass Works
Robey Glass Works

Kiss is making everything but music these days- Haven't been the same since Ace & Pete left.......

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