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D&W June 27.jpg
D&W Lounge, one of Houston's most underappreciated drinkeries
Actually, for our purposes, the term "hidden" might be a bit incorrect, at least technically. Perhaps more appropriate would be "undiscovered" or, better still, "underappreciated." Either way, Houston has A TON of great bars that are not immediately known. Here are the best six, ranging from East Downtown neighborhood hangouts surprisingly thorough lounges in the middle of the city.

Naturally, only two of them have a Web site, so you'll have to visit them to see what they're like. The nerve.

6. Club Sugarhill: The name Sugarhill is obviously rooted in hip-hop history, and that's because its owner, Tony iLL, is rooted in hip-hop history too. After attempts at a rapping career didn't flourish (he was a renowned battle rapper but could never force himself to create the vaunted "radio single"), and after attempts at starting a record label didn't pan out, iLL eventually figured out his way to contribute to the hip-hop culture he so clearly loves: By opening a bar/nightclub that was meant to do nothing else but champion it.

Located in farfarFAR north Houston, Sugarhill has slowly built up an adamant fan base. And with regular shows featuring some of rap's all-time greats (Kool Moe Dee, for example), it (hopefully) won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

3337-A F.M. 1960, 77068, Web site

5. Nomad Tavern: This'll be the one bar on the list that will fill the "hidden" quota, as it's in Spring Branch and nobody's voluntarily gone to Spring Branch for anything since 1988. There isn't anything obviously special about Nomad Tavern, and that might be what makes it special. It is a wine and beer bar in Spring Branch and that's it.

Don't expect much more than that. Sometimes, that's all that you need, you know. Oh, also, there are no shortage of bikers, and they let you bring your own liquor, so act accordingly.

2133 Bingle, 77055

Prohibition June 27.jpg
4. Prohibition: It sounds weird that anything inside of one of the largest shopping centers in North America could ever be considered undiscovered, but that's what's going on here. Prohibition is a decidedly upscale, thoroughly impressive lounge masquerading as a "speakeasy."

Among other things, it features romantic lighting, brushed suede seats, multicolored hardwood floors and vintage artwork. What's more, Prohibition regularly features password-only events, much in the spirit in the original speakeasies, which help the "hidden" factor considerably. It is enjoyable slice of an iconic era of American history, except without the rampant racism and whatnot.

5175 Westheimer, 77056, Web site

Location Info


Prohibition - CLOSED

5175 Westheimer, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Lola's Depot

2327 Grant, Houston, TX

Category: Music

D&W Lounge

911 Milby, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Rose Garden

2621 Link, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Nomad Tavern

2133 Bingle Road, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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That's just great! Now I can expect douche baggery for the next month and a half at a few of my favorite spots as the weekend warrior; suburbanite amateur drinking dick-bags pack in their ridiculous rides and punch these addresses in their smart phones. It's just something I can hardly wait for; to hear the drunk ass bitch battle cry. You know the one, the one made right before they make that "big mistake"! Oh, popped collars and platinum card holding hipsters are a coming with a trail of misrepresented irony never far behind.  The best part of hidden dive bars Houston Press is that they stay hidden, and dive bars. If we wanted to hang with that kind of drinker we would choose from the many many places that thrive on filling their gullets with overpriced watered down colorful drinks. Why don't you just print my fucking address so they can come drink in my yard, eat a po-boy in my shower and fuck my sister. Better yet print your address!!     


D & W is sketch city after dark.   We reenacted the scene with Otis Day and the Nights there last year, I still havent' heard a peep out of the attractive white women we abandoned there.


So is the Club Sugarhill in north north north Houston at all related to the Sugarhill that opened . . . gah, maybe a few months ago now, at Southmore & Live Oak?  That place is like a 3rd Ward magnet on the weekends.

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