Readers Poll: What R Your Favorite Prince Songs 2 Listen 2?

Prince seductively licking a nine-volt battery
Today Prince Rogers Nelson turns another year older, hitting the big 5-4. Last year on the occasion of his birthday, I showed you some fun and freaky pics from his career as pop music's most enigmatic, maddening and (bare) ass-shaking personality.

This time around though, I asked folks on Twitter and Facebook to help me compile a playlist of their favorite Prince songs from his now-36-year recording history. U realize that due to his prodigious recording habits, after he dies we will be getting a new Prince album every 15 minutes for five years?

My favorite Prince song is probably "Controversy," the title track from the album of the same name, and my favorite Prince album is a tie between the double Sign O' The Times or, of course, Purple Rain. Lately, though, Dirty Mind has been growing on me.

Overwhelmingly it seems most are still fans of Purple Rain, and for good reason, though some of our own staff made more esoteric picks for their faves. I'm still baffled that no one even brought up "Pussy Control". Just when you think you know your audience....



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Bella Adela
Bella Adela

 Oh hell yeah, Jeff, "Morning Papers" is a killer song! Jeez, too many other Prince faves to mention but I have a special love for "Call My Name." That song is TOO SEXY.


Erotic City...done.


Always loved Morning Papers and Endorphine Machine. I've always wanted to hear Aerosmith cover the latter -- but only back in their Toys in the Attic days.

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