Last Night: One Direction at The Woodlands

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1D June 25 1.JPG
Photos by Barry Sigman
One Direction
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
June 24, 2012

Ahh! OMG... Eek! I love you guys! Now repeat that a million times and it will somewhat sum up Sunday night's show.

Along with my little sister, I arrived to the sold-out show in astonishment. I did not expect to witness what I saw: Handmade T-shirts, car windows painted with "Honk if you love 1D," cars parked next to me with Tennessee and Louisiana plates, and a massive amount of young screaming girls.

The first thing that struck my mind was, "Now I know how my mom felt taking me to see *Nsync and the Backstreet Boys."

But with the group's impressive crowd interaction -- and actual singing talent -- I was surprised and survived.

I'll be honest, my little sister is nine and knows a few One Direction songs, so of course I was going to take her with me. I decided, "Why not be a good big sister?", and figured that it would help get me through the night since this isn't really my scene. (I mean, Van Halen was playing last night too.)

1D June 25 6.JPG
The British boy band didn't hit the spotlight until after the 2010 season of UK talent series The X Factor. The five -- Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis -- formed after the show's judges' panel suggested their talent shouldn't be wasted and to form a group. Needless to say, 1D took the advice.

Hours before the group took the stage, at any sight of the curtain moving or anyone coming to the stage my ear drums were pierced by the girl behind me going crazy thinking that one of the 1D guys happened to be onstage. Okay, all the girls were screaming, but I clearly heard one. I have my left ear to thank for that one.

I thought, "All right, then I know how loud she yells I can brace myself for when the guys hit the stage." And oh, was I so wrong.

After helping my little sister get up to have a good viewing area (she is only nine), I was about to cover my ears, but it was too late. The screaming reached a whole new spectrum that I could not have guessed.

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I was there I came from Louisiana! LOUISiana!! ;D u think the concert was cray u mustn't have been at the sound check! Imagine like 5000 of us about to pass out from midday heat lining the tour bus as it backs in!! I got slammed into the fence in the mob of people but I saw them get off the bus!!!! Omg...


Thanks for the article! I was at the concert last night and it was so surreal! I had an awesome time! I was one of those crying and screaming girls! You're article was interesting and I really enjoyed reading it!

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